Shenseea: Fans Blamed for Drama with Spice, Always Had Respect from Day One

Shenseea: Fans Blamed for Drama with Spice, Always Had Respect from Day One – In a candid revelation, Shenseea addresses the feuds between artists and points the finger at fans as the root cause. Despite a recent disagreement with Spice, Shenseea emphasizes her long-standing respect for her fellow artist. Discover the truth behind the drama and Shenseea’s commitment to positivity in the music industry.

Shenseea Addresses Feud with Spice and Fan Involvement


Following her appearance on Baddies Caribbean Auditions, Shenseea has taken the opportunity to address the recent feud between her and Spice. In a live stream, she shed light on her perspective regarding fan-driven feuds, discussed her reconciliation with Spice, expressed her desire to collaborate, and addressed negative comments and disrespect. Additionally, she provided updates on her upcoming music and shows, including an exciting USA tour. Let’s dive into the details.

Shenseea’s Perspective on Fan-Driven Feuds

During the live stream, Shenseea shared her belief that fans often play a significant role in fueling feuds between artists. She expressed her disappointment at the tendency to pit female artists against each other, emphasizing that she does not engage in such behavior. Shenseea believes in promoting unity and collaboration within the music industry, rather than fostering unnecessary rivalries.

Reconciliation with Spice

Addressing the recent tension between her and Spice, Shenseea assured fans that they have reconciled. Although the clip from Baddies Caribbean Auditions showed a heated exchange between the two artists, Shenseea revealed that they have worked through their differences. This demonstrates their maturity and willingness to move forward, setting a positive example for their fans and the music community.

Denial of Real Beef with Spice

Contrary to popular speculation, Shenseea made it clear that there was never a genuine beef between her and Spice. She emphasized that their disagreements were minor and easily resolved. Shenseea’s statement aims to dispel any misconceptions and reaffirm the mutual respect and admiration she holds for Spice as a fellow artist. It is evident that their relationship is built on a foundation of respect and support.

Desire to Collaborate with Spice

During the live stream, Shenseea expressed her longstanding desire to collaborate with Spice. She revealed that she has reached out to Spice in the past, hoping to collaborate on a song together. Shenseea’s admiration for Spice’s talent and contributions to the music industry is evident, and she eagerly awaits the opportunity to work together and create something extraordinary.

Addressing Negative Comments and Disrespect

Shenseea addressed the negative comments and disrespect she has encountered throughout her career. Despite facing adversity, she emphasized her commitment to rising above the negativity and not engaging in online feuds. Shenseea’s resilience and ability to remain composed in the face of criticism showcase her strength of character and dedication to her craft.

Teasing New Music and Album Suggestions

During the live stream, Shenseea treated fans to a glimpse of what’s to come, hinting at “something new” she has been working on. With her guitar in hand, she shared her enthusiasm for exploring new musical avenues and asked fans for suggestions for her upcoming album. This interaction with her fans demonstrates her commitment to creating music that resonates with her audience and keeps them eagerly anticipating her next release.

Upcoming Shows and USA Tour

Shenseea excitedly announced her upcoming shows in various countries, including an eagerly awaited USA tour. Her global presence continues to expand, and she expressed her gratitude to her fans for their unwavering support. The anticipation surrounding her upcoming performances is palpable, and fans can expect unforgettable experiences as Shenseea takes the stage.


In conclusion, Shenseea’s address regarding the feud with Spice and fan involvement showcased her maturity, resilience, and commitment to unity within the music industry. She expressed her desire for collaboration, addressed negative comments and disrespect, and provided updates on her upcoming music and shows. With her talent and dedication, Shenseea continues to captivate audiences worldwide, leaving us eagerly anticipating her future endeavors.

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