Kashmir Wolf

It was as big as a calf. His mane was very black and grew all the way down to his hooves.... Even the smallest sound he made would make an Ox faint. This was the Kashmir Wolf.

He was the enemy of the rich and friends with the poor! He was living on the top of the mountain. He would sleep deeply all day long. At night, he would come down to the village with a sack on his back to look for cruel rich people to take. He would take them from their beds and throw them into his sack. He would close the sack with a tight knot. Then he would throw the sack over his shoulder and carry them back to the mountain.

One night, the wolf came to take a cruel rich person, who was a miller. The miller had hid himself beneath the wheat. The wolf entered the mill, the fire was burning in the Tanoor. Looking into the Tanoor the wolf became very hungry. He looked around, and seeing no one, he removed his fleece. Beneath his fleece he was a green fairy, the most beautiful of all the fairies.

Her lips were a lovely red and her large eyes were like almonds. Her nose was beautiful and prominent. Her face was like a full moon, and she was so tall. You wished you could pour water on her body and drink it off her skin. The fairy got flower to make dough. While the miller watched her from beneath the wheat, she put the dough next to the tanoor and. Suddenly the miller runs from beneath the wheat toward the fleece. When the green fairy sees the miller, she screams and runs towards the fleece too. The miller catches the green fairy's wolf fleece and throws it into the Tanoor, burning it to ash. After that he marries the green fairy. After a few days the green fairy disappears and nobody has seen her since.